A few strange but unique beauty tips

For a woman, being beautiful is a priority, and many spend some time each day to perform various beauty related regimens. Applying lipstick, powder, eyeshadow, mascara, nail polish are almost standard practices and so is manicures and pedicures. Women use lotions and creams to lighten their complexion too. But there are a few interested beauty treatments that you may not be aware of but can actually make a difference and also make you unique.

Training your waistfgjldk

Some have heard about this, but many have not. For a woman having an hourglass figure is considered feminine and sexy. Some women do this by wearing a corset for extended periods. In fact, there are some who have worn this garment for a few decades and have a waist that is extremely small. Waist training can be done easily but requires discipline and will power.

Anal and vaginal area whitening

Yes, you did read it correctly, there are treatments for anus whitening and also vaginal whitening. What this does is lighten the skin around your private parts by removing the pigment in the skin itself. The treatment has been commonly used by those in the adult entertainment industry for many years but now is gaining traction among many others. It is especially suitable if you like to wear a revealing bikini to the beach and not feel self-conscious about having some dark and dirty looking areas showing. The process is simple and can be done in the privacy of your home, and you will see results in a matter of weeks.

Pointy nails

Most women like to keep their nails clean and well manicured. However, a new trend is to make your nails pointy. While some may argue that it looks witchy, others will understand the uniqueness and may actually like how it looks.


kjfednkmBeauty is something that should be unique to each person. You do not have to have the perfect figure always because you can do other things to make yourself attractive. Being sexy can mean a lot of things but most importantly is to be happy and have confidence in oneself. You can try changing your hair color to a shade that is not very common so that you will stand out in a crowd.

Every woman wants to be beautiful, and this can be achieved with regular cosmetics and also by trying one of the unique things mentioned in this article.